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Scripting Out Reports

While trying to deploy reports a while back I was lamenting the process of manually creating scripts to load reports to the production.  This is, of course, the better than using Visual Studio to deploy reports, since it is possible that the RDL in your project may have changed since deploying the report to the QA or Dev environment and the tested report is the one that needs to move to production.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about this too much any longer.  SQLDBATips has a great tool that automates creating these deployment scripts.  Their Reporting Services Scripter does everything that is needed, from downloading the RDL to getting the subscriptions.

I’ve used it a couple times now and the only issues I’ve had with it is having to go in and change the Reporting Services Server so that it references the server that I am planning to deploy to.  Big whoop, that’s definitely better than writing all of the scripts myself.

Do check it out, it very nice.