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September PASSMN Meeting

If you’re local to Minnesota, check out this month’s SQL Server User Group meeting. A couple of good topics. You can register on the user group web site.  Here is the summary of the night from the next event on September 25th.

Micromanage SQL Server 2005 Execution Plans

Ever feel like just telling SQL Server to do it your way? More than any of the previous versions, SQL Server 2005 provides multiple avenues for us to control and force behavior in the database engine. This presentation will show several layers of controlling execution plans at the statement level, and discuss when they are (and are not) useful. This discussion is full of demos and promises to go to great depths of database geekiness.

SQL Server 2008 Preview

Learn about what is coming in the next version of SQL Server! We will cover the core value proposition, major themes and scenarios, and specific improvements.

Lara Rubbelke, Technology Specialist for Microsoft, has expertise with both OLTP and OLAP systems, data management, performance tuning, encryption, ETL, and the Business Intelligence lifecycle. She is an active leader of the local PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) chapter and brings her passion for SQL Server to the community through technical presentations at local, regional and national conferences and user groups and webcasts. Notably, Lara has presented at Tech Ed (2006 and 2007), the PASS Summit (2006 and 2007), the Minneapolis SQL Server 2005 Launch, and delivered webcasts on MSDN and TechNet. She authored the Microsoft whitepaper detailing SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition features and was a contributing author of "Expert SQL Server 2005 Development".

5:00 pm – 5:15 pm Meet, greet and eat
5:15 pm – 5:30 pm PASSMN Announcements
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm Presentation