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Heading out of Seattle (aka Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development Certification)

I still have an hour and a half until I catch my flight out of Seattle.  Me and the red-eye are sharing a journey tonight because I tend to fail at waking up for anything between 4 and 6 AM and I still want to have a Saturday.  I’m just wrapping up my week after working on the upcoming 70-433 exam, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development.  The preparation for the exam can be found at the Microsoft Learning site.  This is the fourth exam I’ve worked on this year and I’m pretty excited about this test after the group that I worked with on it out here.

The only unfortunate thing that happend this week is that I wasn’t able to join any of the session chats from the SSWUG SQL Server Virtual Conference.  If you are reading this now and thinking that you missed out… you haven’t.  ALL of the events are still available online and on-demand.  Go ahead register now and you can still get all of the content that was presented.  Anyone with questions can feel free to send them over and I’ll answer them back and post the questions online in an Q&A post for each of my sessions.

I’ll also be posting each of the DMVs that I used in the DMV session with some expanded notes on each one.  I’m just amazed some days at the information I am able to get at the tip of my fingers.