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Made it to PASS Summit Registration 11 Minutes Late

Well, I made it here to Seattle.  Extremely late mind you.

I got to the airport with time to spare.  And for a guy that missed a flight to Cancun once, that’s always a great feat.  I did manage to find a couple stow aways while heading to the gate. 
Darryl the Digi-Gnome and SQL Fred will be traveling with me to the PASS Summit.  The other guy isn’t really SQL Fred – he doesn’t have a name.  He’s just a replacement for another Digi-Gnome that jumped from a hotel balcony a while back on someone else’s trip.

If you followed my Twitter at all today it should be evident that my flight was less that spectacular.  The mechanics had an issue with the airplane that they attempt to fix.  A latch wasn’t latching properly.  After the flight was officially delayed and it became clear that no end was insight they found a new plane for us to take.  After finding out that the latch that wasn’t latching was on a toilet I actually wanted a new plane.
The end result though is that I arrived in Seattle at 6 PM.  I headed to the hotel and got in line behind someone that appeared to be arguing about a four dollar difference between the charge they were paying and the online booking charge they expected.  Maybe I’m too passive but that would not have bothered me.
After waiting in line, dropping off my bag, and heading to the convention center the registration for the PASS Summit was closed.  It was 7:11 PM and the stern guard said, Registration is closed, grr!"  (Sad Face)  She didn’t actually growl but I think she wanted to.
So I walked back to the hotel (7 blocks, drr) and found out that Darryl was waiting for me.  Yeah, he was eating my Skittles.

And SQL Fred had taken over the bed and the music player…

On the upside I am in Seattle and ready for tomorrow, minus the registration requirement.  Hopefully I’ll get to reconnect with some of the people I’ve met in the past year on some of my projects.  And I better find something better to do after the conference tomorrow night than stop in McDonalds on my walk back to the hotel.  Bleh!