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SSWUG Virtual Conference

I was happy to find out last week that I’d been accepted to speak at the SSWUG Ultimate Virtual Conference.  This conference is an online event that features some really great speakers and content from April 22-24.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:

ABCs of CTEs
Common Table Expressions (CTE) aren’t as common as their name implies.  CTEs are often seen as a secret part of the dark art of recursion.  This session will explore CTEs to show how they can be extremely useful in improving performance and legibility of T-SQL code.  And, of course, look at their use in returning recursive data.

Do Certifications Really Matter?
In this session, see the tracks for SQL Server certifications and discover what you need to know about the exams.  Which track will be right for you?  What steps should you take?  How do I get going?  Does anyone take them seriously?

Extended Events, Because I Want the Answer Today
In this session we’ll review Extended Events which is a new feature to SQL Server 2008.  Learn the ins and outs of how to get detailed information on the obscure.  With a few T-SQL statements work that used to take weeks to complete can be uncovered in minutes leading to a resolution when most are trying to figure out where the issue coming from.

Become Your Own Picasso: Writing Better T-SQL
While not everyone can be a Picasso, there is an art form to writing great SQL statements.  In this session we’ll go over tips and tricks in writing SQL.  And, also, go into some popular bad practices and provide demonstrations to better change those velvet Elvis’s to Rembrandts.  As every paint brush can’t paint every masterpiece, the same goes for SQL statements.  After this session, you’ll have a few more paintbrushes and probably throw out a few that are no longer useful.

If you are looking for a good spring fling, this is definitely the way to go.  Grab a little wifi and a coffee and hang out in the park for the day learning all about your favorite topics.