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Learning SharePoint Day 1

It’s become necessary for me to dig into SharePoint a bit.  I’m a huge newbie here so I figure I’ll share all of the links for things I look up in these SharePointy travels.  I expect some of these posts will be very trivial but “hey, I’m learning.”

I had two goals today with the site I am working on.  First was to restrict the surveys in a list group so that by default all users initially see their own items.  And secondly, I needed to prevent non-administrators from viewing items from other users.

To accomplish the first I use the link “How can I restrict views to the contributor’s content, only?”.  This was very straightforward and it’ll make life a lot easier.  After creating the view I changed the navigation for the site to utilize the folder versus a specific view on the folder.  That will make it easier to manage the views in the future.

The second goal was even easier to do than the first.  I changed the Item-Level Permissions: Read Access property under List Advanced Settings to “Only their own” which got me where I needed to be.

Not all too exciting, but since I don’t know Jack about SharePoint I felt pretty warm and fuzzy.