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Presenting on Indexing at PASS Summit 2009

I tweeted it a couple Friday’s ago when I got the notice but I was on vacation and had made the decision to avoid blogging anything during that time.

But since vacation is over, here’s the session that got accepted:

Getting To Know Your Indexes

Without proper indexing SQL Server can be hard pressed to create efficient and performant execution plans.  Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and system views provide a slew of information about indexes that can be used to analyze indexes within SQL Server.  In this session we’ll go under the hood of SQL Server to look at DMVs and system views to know what indexes you have, should have, and how they feel about the way applications are treating them.

Understanding of performance tuning needs
Experience with Database design

1.    Identify methods to analyze current and potential indexes
2.    Learn how to alleviate stress found on indexes
3.    Demonstrate methods for tuning indexes

Have you registered for the PASS Summit yet?  If not and you need to convince someone, here are some good justifications for going.  My main motivation for going is the opportunity to meet new people in the community that have different visions on implementing SQL Server.  Also

The one last reason to go is project “jager”.