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PASSMN SQL Summit 2009 – Call For Presenters

If you’ve been coming to the monthly PASSMN meetings then you’ve heard that we are planning to have a full day SQL Server event.  The general details are that the event will be at Microsoft’s Offices on Friday, September 29, 2009.

We are still putting details together for the event and part of that means finding presenters.  And without further ado, if you’d like to present at the PASSMN SQL Summit 2009 (yeah, were hoping to be starting something here) please let us know by completing the following survey:

PASSMN SQL Summit 2009  – Call for Presenters

Maybe you aren’t much of a speaker but have a good idea what types of sessions we should be looking for.  We also have a survey for you:

PASSMN SQL Summit 2009  – Request for Sessions

If you are interested in the event and have questions, feel free to contact me (email | twitter).