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PASS Summit 2010 Call for Speakers

Clone Robin HoodPASS announced today it’s Call for Speakers for the 2010 PASS Summit.  This is an opportunity to share your experiences and knowledge with SQL Server Community. 

Do you have some tricks that have made your job a success that you can share?  Did you work on an interesting project with hurdles that were overcome with the use of SQL Server features?  Here is your time to shine and share what you know.

PASS is looking for sessions in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment
  • Application and Database Development
  • BI Platform Architecture, Development and Administration
  • BI Information Delivery
  • Professional Development

But I’m Not Qualified

Do use SQL Server?  Well then you have the first necessary qualification.  If you are using it then I absolutely bet that you have learned something that at least 50 of the probably 3,500 attendees will be interested in hearing about for 75 minutes.

Will you be able stand in front of your peers and no run off?  Then you have the second qualification licked.  Many of us have thought about running off right before a presentation before – and sometimes in the middle of them.  Heck, at my second presentation I asked if they wanted me to bow out since the first gentleman had gone over his time.  I wasn’t being accommodating – I was petrified.

Yeah, but I am not as _____ as Brent, Bucky, Jimmy, Paul, Kimberly, Adam, Kalen, or Kevin.  Of course this list could on for a while.  Insert whatever adjective you want in the blank.  I’ll agree outright that neither am I.  We all have different experiences and styles and increasing the variety at the PASS Summit will only make it better.  Heck, they took me in last year.  I bet you would do just as well as I do.

I’m Not Ready For PASS

If I haven’t convinced you, but you still have an open mind.  I encourage you to present at your local user group.  If you are already doing that, then make the jump to presenting at SQL Saturday events.  SQL Saturdays are great lead ups to the PASS Summit.