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MCM Live Blog – Week December 20

Watching videos?! Su-ure!

Time for the second week of blogging about the things that I’m doing to study for the MCM exam.  It seemed to go pretty good last week except for the whole screwing up the TweetMeme and ShareThis plugins on my blog.  As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again.

The overall plan for this week is to focus on reading.  The deployments from last week are done and there should be a lull in client requests.

Below will be all of the things of interest that I do while studying.  Feel free to steal the ideas since that’s why they are there.  Hopefully this will also provide some background on the depth of knowledge needed to complete this certification.

MCM Notes

Mon - 10:08

Sent an e-mail to Eric Strom (@CoveringData) about setting up an MCM study group.  Looking for two to three more people in Minnesota that are serious about studying for the MCM exam.

Mon - 19:12

Reloading #MCM videos to my Zune. A few from Bob were cutting out at 11 minutes. I’ve successfully listened to all of Paul’s, Brent’s, and Kimberly’s videos now.

Tue - 09:44

Listened to the #MCM Backup Internals Lecture again on the commute this morning. A lot less, “oh yeah, forgot about that’s” than some of the other videos.

Tue - 12:41

@PaulRandal ‘s wait stat post seems like a good place to start on #MCM wait stat flash cards –

Tue - 12:44

Need to learn more about Common Criteria Compliance, HIPPA, SOX, PCI for #MCM.  Add to this polishing what I know about SATA, iSCSI, SANs, FiberChannel, and RAID.

Wed - 22:03

New #MCM videos up at  Downloading them now.

Fri - 09:21

New #mcm videos downloaded and on my Zune.

Sat - 00:18

Trying to figure out how I should make my #MCM flashcards. Hand write them all out or make a database and an SSRS project?

Sat - 12:39

Attempting to read through today. #mcm

Mon - 18:42

Seems there’s a new #SQL Server #mcm forum –

Mon - 22:44

Listening to #SQL #Azure #MCM video again.

Tue - 20:51

Read again… #sql #raid

Tue - 21:07

Watching the Locking #MCM video –

Wed - 21:47

Watched DAS vs SAN and Baselining videos omw to see @dancem0m #mcmprep

Sun - 21:58

Looks like with Christmas and the holidays my #mcmprep has been a bit lax.

Mon - 12:47

Long commute – listened to @BrentO #MCMPrep sessions this morning – Baselining and Benchmarking, Clustering Introduction, SQLOS

Mon - 20:40

More #MCMPrep – watched Storage Guidelines and Policy-Based Management on tonight’s commute.

Tue - 09:32

First #MCMPrep study group session scheduled for January 9.  If you are in #MN and seriously looking at this, let me know.

Tue - 22:07

Starting the Clustering Index Debate session – – #mcmprep – wonder if I should be armed for this.

Wed - 18:54

Listening to Sofi Needs A Ladder ( and reading from blog. #mcmprep

Wed - 23:14

Not just for MCMs – Watched a few more great #mcmprep videos tonight –

Wed - 23:35

Playing around with DBCC DBINFO. TABLERESULTS is the bees knees. #MCMPrep

Fri - 23:48

Firing up #MCMPrep videos for New Years Eve. I need better plans for next year.

Mon - 23:26

Seriously need to buckle back down on #MCMPrep.  Time is a ticking.

Tue - 23:57

Reading “DBCC MemoryStatus Locked Pages Allocated and SinglePageAllocator Values” #mcmprep

Fri - 16:04

First #mcmprep study group this Sunday in MN.  Already lost one person, but another is interested in joining.

Sun - 13:06

Can’t believe it is already Sunday.  Definitely an #MCMPrep week #fail.  At least there is the study group tonight.

Sun - 19:47

First #MCMPrep study group done – earlier than we wanted.  But BN closed at 8 PM.  Seriously?!

Sun - 19:48

The upside is we have an #MCMPrep plan and next week we’ll be going to a place open until 11 PM.

Mon - 23:46

Watched XML #MCMPrep video –  Good stuff, some future blog inspirations in there.

Fri - 12:14

Just answered some questions for a client based on studying I’ve done on CLR for #mcmprep #win

Fri - 08:21

Thank going out for Wayne Snyder for his contributions to #sqlpass

Fri - 08:23

Wayne attributed with mentoring many of the PASS board members #sqlpass

Fri - 08:25

Wayne is recognizing @rick_hieges at the keynote #sqlpass

Fri - 08:26

Recognizing @heigesr2 that is #sqlpass – Rick is great at the #sqlkaraoke events. #sqlpass

Fri - 08:28

Wayne “As the you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters of success stick in your career” #sqlpass

Fri - 08:31

SQL Rally Dallas 2012 May 8-12, 2012 and Summit next year Nov 6-9, 2012 #sqlpass

Fri - 08:32

Register now for #sqlpass 2012 for 5 or Summit and Precons for 95 –

Fri - 08:33

Order your Summit DVD today for 5 – or pay much more tomorrow #sqlpass

Fri - 08:34

Dr David Dewitt takes the stage – Ooooh, yeah. #sqlpass

Fri - 08:36

Dewitt’s glasses are not hip enough #sqlpass

Fri - 08:37

I want #dewittoldspecs #sqlpass

Fri - 08:37

Cheers for no marketing type #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 08:40

In 2009 there was about 1 ZB of data worldwide – should be about 35 ZB by 2020 #sqlpass

Fri - 08:44

Bing is 150 PB on 40K on NoSQL platform #sqlpass

Fri - 08:52

“SQL is not going away” Dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 08:58

Dewitt breaking down hadoop in simple terms. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:06

Enjoying the breakdown of hadoop by Dewitt #sqlpass – less detail since I’m paying attention

Fri - 09:13

Dewitt digging into map reduce #sqlpass

Fri - 09:15

Big Ooooh for Dewitt animations #sqlpass

Fri - 09:19

Dewitt explaining the reducer in hadoop in simple terms #sqlpass

Fri - 09:23

Dewitt moving on from Map/Reduce to Hive and Pig #sqlpass

Fri - 09:23

“Hive and Pig” sounds like where I would like to have dinner tonight #sqlpass I bet they have bacon.

Fri - 09:24

“I’m not going to try to use zoomit” #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 09:25

HiveQL is much easier for end users than having them write map/reduce #sqlpass

Fri - 09:32

Dewitt going through PDW vs. Hive benchmarks #sqlpass

Fri - 09:34

PDW about 4-10x faster than Hive in benchmark tests #sqlpass

Fri - 09:37

Sqoop loads data from unstructured to structured universe #sqlpass

Fri - 09:41

Dewitt looking for a better way in an unstructured universe. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:42

“Moving data is so 20th Century” #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 09:44

I can’t wait to see a turtle with rockets! #sqlpass

Fri - 09:46

Relational databases versus hadoop is not mutually exclusive. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:48

I vote for Dewitt breaking down technology for everyone to consume #sqlpass

Fri - 09:49

Time for a standing ovation. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:53

Dewitt getting questions that are outside his ability to answer… looks like he has answers though #sqlpass

  • @StrateSQL Nice. I'm re-watching @AdamMachanic 's X-Events from last year. #MCMPrep

  • @StrateSQL oh, and I just finished coding a nice new #PowerShell script to restore databases using a 3rd party backup compression software

  • @StrateSQL So glad to see this. Happy holidays.

  • @StrateSQL How'd it go? Any feedback? #MCMPrep

  • @StrateSQL You can tell me you knew all that stuff already and I won't be offended. You're a smart fella. 😀 #MCMPrep

  • @StrateSQL @BrentO I'm having problems getting the videos to run. Anyone else experiencing this?