MCM Live Blog – Week December 27

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Watching videos?! Su-ure!

Time for the third week of blogging about the things that I’m doing to study for the MCM exam. Last week wasn’t too spectacular – with the holidays and all I was pretty lazy on the studying.  The formatting issues did get fixed, so if you see anything messed up send me a message.  As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again.

The plan for this week is to continue my focus on reading.  I have more tabs open than I had last week and did manage to read a lot.  Also, I am hoping to get through all of the MCM videos again.  Some I haven’t seen and others I want to listen to again.

Below will be all of the things of interest that I do while studying. Feel free to steal the ideas since that’s why they are there. Hopefully this will also provide some background on the depth of knowledge needed to complete this certification.

MCM Notes

Mon - 20:40

More #MCMPrep – watched Storage Guidelines and Policy-Based Management on tonight’s commute.

Tue - 09:32

First #MCMPrep study group session scheduled for January 9.  If you are in #MN and seriously looking at this, let me know.

Tue - 22:07

Starting the Clustering Index Debate session – – #mcmprep – wonder if I should be armed for this.

Wed - 18:54

Listening to Sofi Needs A Ladder ( and reading from blog. #mcmprep

Wed - 23:14

Not just for MCMs – Watched a few more great #mcmprep videos tonight –

Wed - 23:35

Playing around with DBCC DBINFO. TABLERESULTS is the bees knees. #MCMPrep

Fri - 23:48

Firing up #MCMPrep videos for New Years Eve. I need better plans for next year.

  • Steve Jones (@way0ut

    @StrateSQL how's it coming? You through all the vids? I've been through about 15

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  • Shahryar G. Hashemi

    @StrateSQL Are you paying for the MCM yourself?

  • Tamera Clark (@tamer

    @StrateSQL Why is your non-sql girl posting in the SQL show and you are not even there? Just curious. :)

  • Sarah Sjolander (@Da

    @StrateSQL We'll definitely make next year's NYE better!!!

  • Brent Ozar

    Good luck, and I wish I could be there for the MCM prep session in MN! I'll be in Seattle that week working on – of course – the MCM program. 😀

    • jstrate

      Well – now I'd rather be in Seattle. Not to diss my friends here but you guys might have a deeper understanding of what I should really know.