MCM Live Blog – Week December 13

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Watching videos?! Su-ure!

If you’re reading this, it must be Monday morning.  Oh dear, that means I am officially starting my public studying for the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) exam.  I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again. To help prevent this, I figured studying through my blog and noting the things that I read, watch, listen, and play with may be helpful to others going through this as well.

I’m not going to make a dozen of these posts each week since that would become really irritating.  Instead, I plan to write the posts into a live blog.  It should be interesting since I’ve never done live blogging before.  And in most cases, live blogging is a bit more active than I am doing and not over a week but a few hours.

A second goal of this is to ask people of the community for ideas on items to read, things to play with, and content to watch.  Feel free to comment to your heart’s content.  Maybe what I look at will help you and vice versa.

MCM Notes

Mon - 10:08

Sent an e-mail to Eric Strom (@CoveringData) about setting up an MCM study group.  Looking for two to three more people in Minnesota that are serious about studying for the MCM exam.

Mon - 19:12

Reloading #MCM videos to my Zune. A few from Bob were cutting out at 11 minutes. I’ve successfully listened to all of Paul’s, Brent’s, and Kimberly’s videos now.

Tue - 09:44

Listened to the #MCM Backup Internals Lecture again on the commute this morning. A lot less, “oh yeah, forgot about that’s” than some of the other videos.

Tue - 12:41

@PaulRandal ‘s wait stat post seems like a good place to start on #MCM wait stat flash cards –

Tue - 12:44

Need to learn more about Common Criteria Compliance, HIPPA, SOX, PCI for #MCM.  Add to this polishing what I know about SATA, iSCSI, SANs, FiberChannel, and RAID.

Wed - 22:03

New #MCM videos up at  Downloading them now.

Fri - 09:21

New #mcm videos downloaded and on my Zune.

Sat - 00:18

Trying to figure out how I should make my #MCM flashcards. Hand write them all out or make a database and an SSRS project?

Sat - 12:39

Attempting to read through today. #mcm

  • [] (@DBATA

    @StrateSQL I would love to be a member of this.

    • jstrate

      I sent you a DM earlier on twitter. Reply to me with your e-mail address and we'll chat about it.

  • Robert L Davis (@SQL

    @StrateSQL Acronym overload? #MCM

  • Tamela Arnstein (@Ta

    @StrateSQL For a list of the top Holiday and Christmas gifts for 2010 !!!

  • David Taylor (@dyfhi

    @StrateSQL you owe it to yourself to do the latter :)

    • jstrate

      I'm thinking that an SSRS solution may be the end result. Need to get myself cracking on the information I want to absorb.

  • Brent Ozar

    About the flash cards – I went with hand-written ones because the writing helped me learn it better. I had a huge stack of notecards by the time I was done!

    • jstrate

      I'm probably going to type versus write them out. But that physical activity of transcribing each of the flash cards is definitely not something I want to miss out on.