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The Next 24 Hours of PASS

Calling for Presenters!

PASS has announced the next 24 Hours of PASS and it will be on March 15 and 16.  The event will feature 12 back-to-back webcasts presented each day.

March also happens to be Women’s History Month.  This is an annual celebration, in the United States, that highlights the contribution of women in history and society.

With these two events coinciding with one another, it only makes sense to let one play into the other.  To do this, the next 24 Hours of PASS will feature 24 women speakers speaking on SQL Server. 

The 24 women speakers haven’t been selected yet.  In fact, if you happen to have and abstract in mind or know of a speaker that should speak, send an e-mail over to  The deadline for abstracts submissions (max 250 words with a 125 word bio) is January 14th.