MCM Live Blog – Week January 3

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Watching videos?! Su-ure!

Surprisingly it’s now my fourth week of blogging about the things that I’m doing to study for the MCM exam.  The holidays are finally over.  Client deployments are theoretically over.  Now I am hoping to button down and get to some real hardcore studying.  As I mentioned in the first post, I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again.

The reading plan for last week worked pretty good.  I didn’t blog much about it but I spent a lot of time at  The content there is great the only complaint I have is that it goes on and on.  I started with one link open and I’m up to 16 tabs now open on that site.  But hey!  I’m learning.

Below will be all of the things of interest that I do while studying. Feel free to steal the ideas since that’s why they are there. Hopefully this will also provide some background on the depth of knowledge needed to complete this certification.

MCM Notes

Mon - 23:26

Seriously need to buckle back down on #MCMPrep.  Time is a ticking.

Tue - 23:57

Reading “DBCC MemoryStatus Locked Pages Allocated and SinglePageAllocator Values” #mcmprep

Fri - 16:04

First #mcmprep study group this Sunday in MN.  Already lost one person, but another is interested in joining.

Sun - 13:06

Can’t believe it is already Sunday.  Definitely an #MCMPrep week #fail.  At least there is the study group tonight.

Sun - 19:47

First #MCMPrep study group done – earlier than we wanted.  But BN closed at 8 PM.  Seriously?!

Sun - 19:48

The upside is we have an #MCMPrep plan and next week we’ll be going to a place open until 11 PM.

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    @StrateSQL Many bars are open until 2:00AM