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PASS Summit 2011 – Keynote Day #3

Final day at the PASS Summit. That means it’s time to hear from David Dewitt. This is the keynote of the week. And I am glad to be able to put up a blog about this from the bloggers table….

The Key Note

Mon - 10:08

Sent an e-mail to Eric Strom (@CoveringData) about setting up an MCM study group.  Looking for two to three more people in Minnesota that are serious about studying for the MCM exam.

Mon - 19:12

Reloading #MCM videos to my Zune. A few from Bob were cutting out at 11 minutes. I’ve successfully listened to all of Paul’s, Brent’s, and Kimberly’s videos now.

Tue - 09:44

Listened to the #MCM Backup Internals Lecture again on the commute this morning. A lot less, “oh yeah, forgot about that’s” than some of the other videos.

Tue - 12:41

@PaulRandal ‘s wait stat post seems like a good place to start on #MCM wait stat flash cards –

Tue - 12:44

Need to learn more about Common Criteria Compliance, HIPPA, SOX, PCI for #MCM.  Add to this polishing what I know about SATA, iSCSI, SANs, FiberChannel, and RAID.

Wed - 22:03

New #MCM videos up at  Downloading them now.

Fri - 09:21

New #mcm videos downloaded and on my Zune.

Sat - 00:18

Trying to figure out how I should make my #MCM flashcards. Hand write them all out or make a database and an SSRS project?

Sat - 12:39

Attempting to read through today. #mcm

Mon - 18:42

Seems there’s a new #SQL Server #mcm forum –

Mon - 22:44

Listening to #SQL #Azure #MCM video again.

Tue - 20:51

Read again… #sql #raid

Tue - 21:07

Watching the Locking #MCM video –

Wed - 21:47

Watched DAS vs SAN and Baselining videos omw to see @dancem0m #mcmprep

Sun - 21:58

Looks like with Christmas and the holidays my #mcmprep has been a bit lax.

Mon - 12:47

Long commute – listened to @BrentO #MCMPrep sessions this morning – Baselining and Benchmarking, Clustering Introduction, SQLOS

Mon - 20:40

More #MCMPrep – watched Storage Guidelines and Policy-Based Management on tonight’s commute.

Tue - 09:32

First #MCMPrep study group session scheduled for January 9.  If you are in #MN and seriously looking at this, let me know.

Tue - 22:07

Starting the Clustering Index Debate session – – #mcmprep – wonder if I should be armed for this.

Wed - 18:54

Listening to Sofi Needs A Ladder ( and reading from blog. #mcmprep

Wed - 23:14

Not just for MCMs – Watched a few more great #mcmprep videos tonight –

Wed - 23:35

Playing around with DBCC DBINFO. TABLERESULTS is the bees knees. #MCMPrep

Fri - 23:48

Firing up #MCMPrep videos for New Years Eve. I need better plans for next year.

Mon - 23:26

Seriously need to buckle back down on #MCMPrep.  Time is a ticking.

Tue - 23:57

Reading “DBCC MemoryStatus Locked Pages Allocated and SinglePageAllocator Values” #mcmprep

Fri - 16:04

First #mcmprep study group this Sunday in MN.  Already lost one person, but another is interested in joining.

Sun - 13:06

Can’t believe it is already Sunday.  Definitely an #MCMPrep week #fail.  At least there is the study group tonight.

Sun - 19:47

First #MCMPrep study group done – earlier than we wanted.  But BN closed at 8 PM.  Seriously?!

Sun - 19:48

The upside is we have an #MCMPrep plan and next week we’ll be going to a place open until 11 PM.

Mon - 23:46

Watched XML #MCMPrep video –  Good stuff, some future blog inspirations in there.

Fri - 12:14

Just answered some questions for a client based on studying I’ve done on CLR for #mcmprep #win

Fri - 08:21

Thank going out for Wayne Snyder for his contributions to #sqlpass

Fri - 08:23

Wayne attributed with mentoring many of the PASS board members #sqlpass

Fri - 08:25

Wayne is recognizing @rick_hieges at the keynote #sqlpass

Fri - 08:26

Recognizing @heigesr2 that is #sqlpass – Rick is great at the #sqlkaraoke events. #sqlpass

Fri - 08:28

Wayne “As the you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters of success stick in your career” #sqlpass

Fri - 08:31

SQL Rally Dallas 2012 May 8-12, 2012 and Summit next year Nov 6-9, 2012 #sqlpass

Fri - 08:32

Register now for #sqlpass 2012 for 5 or Summit and Precons for 95 –

Fri - 08:33

Order your Summit DVD today for 5 – or pay much more tomorrow #sqlpass

Fri - 08:34

Dr David Dewitt takes the stage – Ooooh, yeah. #sqlpass

Fri - 08:36

Dewitt’s glasses are not hip enough #sqlpass

Fri - 08:37

I want #dewittoldspecs #sqlpass

Fri - 08:37

Cheers for no marketing type #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 08:40

In 2009 there was about 1 ZB of data worldwide – should be about 35 ZB by 2020 #sqlpass

Fri - 08:44

Bing is 150 PB on 40K on NoSQL platform #sqlpass

Fri - 08:52

“SQL is not going away” Dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 08:58

Dewitt breaking down hadoop in simple terms. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:06

Enjoying the breakdown of hadoop by Dewitt #sqlpass – less detail since I’m paying attention

Fri - 09:13

Dewitt digging into map reduce #sqlpass

Fri - 09:15

Big Ooooh for Dewitt animations #sqlpass

Fri - 09:19

Dewitt explaining the reducer in hadoop in simple terms #sqlpass

Fri - 09:23

Dewitt moving on from Map/Reduce to Hive and Pig #sqlpass

Fri - 09:23

“Hive and Pig” sounds like where I would like to have dinner tonight #sqlpass I bet they have bacon.

Fri - 09:24

“I’m not going to try to use zoomit” #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 09:25

HiveQL is much easier for end users than having them write map/reduce #sqlpass

Fri - 09:32

Dewitt going through PDW vs. Hive benchmarks #sqlpass

Fri - 09:34

PDW about 4-10x faster than Hive in benchmark tests #sqlpass

Fri - 09:37

Sqoop loads data from unstructured to structured universe #sqlpass

Fri - 09:41

Dewitt looking for a better way in an unstructured universe. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:42

“Moving data is so 20th Century” #dewitt #sqlpass

Fri - 09:44

I can’t wait to see a turtle with rockets! #sqlpass

Fri - 09:46

Relational databases versus hadoop is not mutually exclusive. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:48

I vote for Dewitt breaking down technology for everyone to consume #sqlpass

Fri - 09:49

Time for a standing ovation. #sqlpass

Fri - 09:53

Dewitt getting questions that are outside his ability to answer… looks like he has answers though #sqlpass