31 Days of SSIS as a Book

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31 FingersAt some point last year after finishing the 31 Days of SSIS, I decided to bundle up all of the posts into a single document.  That way, if someone was on the go and didn’t have a good internet connection or wanted be able to read all of the posts in a single setting it would be easy to get to.

To make it especially easy to use the information is available in a number of formats:

In all of the media, the information is the same.  Just providing a variety of ways to access the information.


  • Ming Shen

    great job, thanks.

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks for the comment.

  • Madhu

    Thanks a ton, Just downloaded it :-)

  • san

    Its really usefull . .thanks da :-)

  • teddy

    I think I shall need a little row numbering because of some messages that have no unique key. I found your post and also the book. Thank you !!!

  • Bob

    Even though I could have just downloaded the PDF, I bought the Kindle version on principle. Thanks!

  • Peace

    Thanks a million for such a contribution !

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  • Adriana

    Which database is used mostly for SSIS ?
    Are there any tools we need to lean besides SSIS ?
    Currently Im Informatica developer, looking to learn SSIS in my free time…