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Will You Sponsor the #SQLPlunge?

logo_plunge_bearAt the beginning of next month, a few hearty souls have decided that they’d like to do a little to help the Special Olympics.  The Special Olympics, if you aren’t aware, is a sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  The organization serves communities all over the world and has more than 50,000 events each year.

When I was asked if I would help the Special Olympics, that seemed like a pretty good idea.  A worthwhile organization and a little fundraising… but there’s a little more to it than that…

In fact, besides the fundraising I have to jump into a lake in which portions of the ice covering have been removed!  Yes, to support the Special Olympics, I am going to do something utterly ridiculous.

Now, here’s the rub.  There’s a bit more to this polar plunge thing… as part of jumping I’ve committed to helping them raise a few dollars.  That brings us to the sponsorship portion.  Will you be so kind as to skip a coffee or latte, or two, and pledge a few dollars to the Special Olympics?


But why is it a #sqlplunge?  That part is simple.  Because a few of community members have decided to get together to raise money and jump together.  The others in our group are:

The bonus…

As an added bonus, if you, the SQLFamily, help me reach my sponsorship goal.  I will promise to wear the Magical Unicorn Mask for the polar plunge.  I mean really, you want to see me in this…


  • Tracy McKibben

    *I*, on the other hand, can be bought much more cheaply. If you simply pledge to MY #SQLPlunge effort, I will jump wearing my South Park “Beefcake” boxer shorts. For an extra donation, I’ll make sure they stay on…

    Seriously though – PLEDGE something to the team. It’s for a great cause, and it’s a rare opportunity to tell a DBA to “go jump in a lake”.