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Do You Know An Exceptional DBA?

Do you know a DBA that saves the day time and again?  Or one that doesn’t need to save the day because they have thought of all of the possibilities and provided a path to success regardless of the situation?  One way to reward that person would be to nominate them as an Exceptional DBA!

In many companies, there’s a way to offer kudos to others, but there isn’t always a chance to let the world know that you work with someone of this caliber.  So take the time to let everyone know that you work with an Exceptional DBA!

The only downside to the Exceptional DBA contest is that in the end, there can be only one.  As a suggestion, and a question, when was the last time your recognized a co-worker with a recommendation on LinkedIn?  Recommending peers, vendors, and clients is a great way to share with others those that have provided value to your career.