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After Seven Years, Time for Something New

Earlier this month, I passed the seven year mark at Digineer.  It was a weird feeling, since the last time I reached this mark with anything, I got divorced.  And it seems, I’m repeating the pattern.  As of September 20, I will be leaving Digineer.  I think this may officially make me a bit of a jerk.

It’s a bit of bittersweet sadness that I am making this change.  In my tenure at Digineer, I’ve gone from a DBA who wouldn’t consider speaking in front of a large group to a presenter at the upcoming PASS Summit.  They gave me an opportunity to blog, present, and participate in the SQL Server community in ways that I’ve seen few other companies offer.  I’ve had the chance to learn an incredible amount about SQL Server and how to be a consultant.

A few people that I’ve already talked to about my departure have asked me why I decided to move on.  The best explanation that I can offer for the move is that I’ve grown to the point where I need new and different challenges.  While I was still learning during my engagements, the rush of feeling a little over-whelmed and the excitement of breaking new ground wasn’t what it used to be.

If you are looking for a great place to grow and learn as a consultant, I would really recommend talking to Digineer.  They really provided me the chance to become the professional that I am today.

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  • Chad A

    Congrats. Where are you headed now?

  • Kevin Conan

    Congrats buddy!

  • Matt Velic

    Nice. Looking forward to hearing more about your plans.

  • Where to now?

    • I’ll post about where I am head next week. Keeping this post just about the leaving part.

  • ASR. Yes, that ASR.

    Jerk. And congrats; I am excited to see where you are in another seven years.

    • Thanks. Looking good so far… except I don’t seem to have an Alana around anymore to encourage me.

  • Nikki Sankey

    As your now “ex”-manager I would not consider you a jerk. I will however miss the hell out of working with you. You – me – happy hour – soon!

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