Am I Following Your Blog?

As I sat around this past weekend I was left wondering… am I missing any good blogs out there?  With my tablet and e-reader skills reaching new highs, I’ve been able to easily catch up on all the blogs that I follow.  If you aren’t using your table to read blogs and other content, I highly recommend it.  I’m using a Galaxy 10.1 tablet, but heard it is just as easy across other

As I mentioned, now I am left wondering, am I missing anything?  So if you could do me a favor and add your blog into the comments so that I can be sure that I am following and reading it, I would be very appreciative.  And, if there are other people’s blogs that I should be checking out – feel free to leave them here as well.

  • Laerte Junior

    Well..If you like to read about PowerShell and SQL Server, Monitoing, WMI ..WQL..there is my blog.

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, got you added in. I definitely want to know more in this area – too many easy answers to good questions with powershell.

  • realsqlguy

    Well, there’s always !

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Tracy. Think I was already subscribed.

  • tradney

    You may on occasion find something useful at :)

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Tim. Already following you :)

  • James Serra

    Give mine a shot:

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, James.

  • Rick Krueger

    Rookies are always entertaining to watch:

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Rick. Everyone always has something to say, even “rookies” can look at an old problem with new eyes and provide a better answer.

  • simondm

    I’m trying to blog more:

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Simon.

  • Craig Purnell

    I like to post on occasion on SQL Saturday and professional development:

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Craig.

  • Wayne Sheffield

    I blog at

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Wayne.

  • sfibich

    I blog at every once in a while.

    • StrateSQL

      Thanks, Steve.

  • arthurolcot

    I aim to blog at least once or twice a month on a variety things:

    • StrateSQL


  • robert padilla

    What APP are you using to read blogs?

    • StrateSQL

      I am using the Google Reader app on the android OS.

  • Dustin

    I use the Galaxy tab as well, its awesome!

  • Chris

    Followed you a log time Jason, appreciate all you do and enjoy your sessions at PASS. My ramblings are at the “SQL Corner” Have a great one!

  • Dattatrey Sindol (Datta)
  • Vishal Pawar
  • Matan Yungman

    Hi Jason,
    My blog address is I’ll be honored if you take a look. Thanks, Matan

    • jstrate

      Thanks, got it added to my reader now.

  • Kenneth Fisher

    Mine is fairly new but I would love to hear what you think.

    • StrateSQL

      Cool, thanks. Following it now.

  • SQLShaw

    I like the idea, I think I will post some of the like to mine, if you don;t mind.

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  • SqlTimes

    Like your Sql articles and I like this idea of sharing as well. I am at

    • StrateSQL