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What would you say if I offered you the best indexing book on the market for SQL Server 2012?

Wow, right?  The “best” indexing book!  Unfortunately, this is also the “worst” indexing book.  Coincidentally, it is also the “only” indexing book for SQL Server 2012.  And even though the book was written with SQL Server 2012 in mind, most of it applies to SQL Server 2005 and 2008.  So many qualities for one little book… what is this book?

The book that I am speaking of is Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012; which I wrote earlier this year  with Ted Krueger (Blog | @Onpnt).

One of the perks in writing books is that they send you a box of the books.  I’ve given a few away here and there, but still have a number laying around.  So… let’s have a contest.  I’m going to make this one easy.  Leave a comment on a post between now and my birthday – October 11 – and I’ll enter you into a drawing.  It doesn’t matter which post you comment on – just leave a comment and for each, I’ll enter you into this drawing.

I’ll take all the entries that I get by 8 AM PST on October 11 and send them over to Sarah Strate (Blog | @DanceM0m).  She’ll pick one and then I’ll mail it out to you.  Good luck…

  • Supercyberal

    I want this book!!!

    • jstrate

      Good luck.

  • Denis Gobo

    Okay send one over and I will let you know if it is the best or worst indexing book :-)

    • jstrate

      Good luck – remember Ted wrote any of the bad parts… even in my chapters.

  • Josh Luedeman

    Sounds like a great book. I can’t wait to read it.

    • jstrate

      Thanks, I hope you get a chance to read it. Good luck!

  • Josh Dean

    I need this book!!!

    • jstrate

      I agree, we all need it. Some of my clients more than others, hehe.

  • SQL3D

    Count me in!

    • jstrate

      Will do, good luck!

  • Rob Heim

    I’ve been meaning to pick that book up. I guess now I’ll have to wait and see if I get lucky in the contest. :)

    • jstrate

      Good luck, lucky person will be chosen by Thursday.

  • Jeffrey Langdon

    Thanks Jason. Happy Birthday! By the way, mine is October 9th.

    • jstrate

      Good luck and happy birthday to you, as well.

  • MP Martinez

    I’m pretty sure that Sarah wants me to learn more about indexing, because she’s awesome. :)

    • jstrate

      She is awesome… let’s see how she picks. Good luck!

  • Jason

    Happy early birthday!

    • jstrate

      Thanks, good luck!

  • Marlon Ribunal

    I’d love to have your book! The last time I won a giveaway from a blog post like this was in 2008 (OGIO Visual Studio 2008 Backpack). I guess it’s time to win the next one!

    • jstrate

      Good luck!

  • Jim Carter

    I’m in for one, and I promise not to point out any typos! :)

    • jstrate

      Good luck – and if you find typos… let me know, actually. I’ve found a couple myself in a few picture labels.

  • avakharia

    You share your birthday with Amitabh Bachchan (a bollywood legend). Happy early birthday!

    • jstrate

      Very cool, thanks. Good luck.

  • Chris Yates

    Rolling the dice, and happy birthday

    • jstrate

      Dice rolled… and good luck.

  • Douglas Osborne

    Sounds like a great deal on a great book. Happy Birthday!

    • jstrate

      Thanks, and good luck.

  • sealeopard

    Best, worst…who cares, it’s FREE!

    • jstrate

      Very true, good luck.

  • Matt Velic

    It’s my birthday on the 13th, just two days after yours. You should totally send me a book as a present.

    • jstrate

      Very nice, happy birthday! Good luck, Matt.

  • Jason Malley

    I too had a birthday this year. I noticed you didn’t get me a gift… just say’n.

    • jstrate

      Well, maybe we can correct that, good luck.


    Picked up a few great tips at 149 on indexes – thanks for the help.

    • jstrate

      Your welcome, Zach. Good luck on the drawing.

  • terry

    enjoyed your presentation at last years pass on ext. events..oh and my b-day is 5 days before you..i think i win ;)

    • jstrate

      Happy birthday, good luck. Glad you enjoyed the presentation last year, hoping to use the extra 15 minutes this year to add a little wow to it.

  • Rishi Khandelwal

    Happy Birthday , I just want to learn SQL and get better in it so I can solve more problems , if you have anything books which you can give name I will appreciate it and please do provide name of your book so i can buy it and get more Knowledge from it
    Thank you

    • jstrate

      Your welcome, good luck. After this one, there might be a couple other ways to get a copy of the book as well.

  • Keith Buck

    Hey October 11 is my birthday too which occasionally falls on Thanksgiving day in Canada.

    • jstrate

      Happy birthday and good luck, Keith.

  • Robert Padilla

    Damn, I already bought the ebook!

    • jstrate

      Well, think of it as a chance to read the same book after the electronic apocalypse, heh. Good luck!

  • Yihyoon

    Count me in. Happy birthday

    • jstrate

      Thanks, got you in. Good luck, Yihyoon.

  • Sean Molloy

    I am in

    • jstrate

      Yes, you are. Good luck, Sean.

  • Cecil du Toit

    Looks like a great book. Definitely interested. I personally feel this book is a must for Microsoft Master Certification. Happy Birthday coming up.

    • jstrate

      Thanks. Maybe we can get Bob to add it to the list. Good luck.

  • Nagy Somasetty

    Good stuff eager to read the book

    • jstrate

      Good luck, hopefully you get the chance you are looking for.

  • António Soares

    Looks good stuff. Count me in!!!

    • jstrate

      You are in. Good luck.

  • Scott

    I’d love to get that new book. BTW congrats on the new job!

    • jstrate

      Thanks, new job is awesome. Good luck, Scott.

  • gurpreet singh Sohal

    hmmm .. looks like a great book ..

    • jstrate

      I think it’s a great book – hopefully, I’m not biased. Good luck!

  • Meher

    Nice Contest. Thanks Jason.

    • jstrate

      Thanks, good luck.

  • Vincent Staropoli

    I’m always coming back to 31 days of SSIS for tips and info, plus your blog post are always informative!

    AND my birthday is also Oct 11! Books or not, I’ll keep coming back to see what you post next!

    • jstrate

      Happy birthday, as well. Glad you find the stuff I post useful… and good luck.

  • Ed Leighton-Dick

    So all I have to do is leave a comment? Even if it’s pure drivel, like this one? OK, I can do that – count me in!

    • jstrate

      Yup, just leave a comment and all is good. Oh, look… you did. Good luck.

  • Bulent

    If that’s all I need to do then I am in. Thanks Jason.

    • jstrate

      That’s all that is needed. Good luck.

  • Dirk Hondong

    Just leaving a comment? Hey, that’s easy.
    BTW: nice idea making it a contest.

    • jstrate

      Thanks, figured I could do something easy to get people interested. Good luck.

  • Meganathan Kanagaraj

    Happy Birthday! Thanks Jason

    • jstrate

      Thanks! Good luck!

  • joetig

    thanks for the great info on how to discover infoprmation stored in plan cache!!!

    • jstrate

      Your welcome. I really like digging into that stuff. Good luck!

  • Dane Stubben

    Counting down to Pass Summit 2012! Look forward to your Extended Events: Work Smarter Not Harder session and reading Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012!

    • jstrate

      Thanks, I can’t believe how fast PASS is approaching.

  • Michal Sadowski

    Please count me also :). Happy Birthday!

  • Bryant

    The perfect thing to begin my collection of SQL 2012 books.

    Happy birthday!

  • Mike Hewitt

    Would be great to have a the book on indexing. Happy Birthday!

  • Vitor Pombeiro

    I’m sure it’s a great book.

  • Komi

    Thank you for always sharing your knowledge. Happy Birthday!

  • Calvin Jones

    Happy birthday on the 11th.

  • Shawn

    Since I can’t make it to SQL PASS this year (big sigh….), reading the best and worst book about SQL indexes can be my SQL education for 2012.

  • LadyRuna

    Sweet! I’d love a free book on SQL 2012 indexing! I can pick it up at SQL PASS Summit (and of course I’d like it signed…).

  • Josh Fennessy

    I would enjoy a free book. Even if Ted’s name is on it.

  • K. Brian Kelley

    I’d love a free copy. Please sign me up for the drawing! Would my chances improve if I said I liked you more than Ted? No? But this is Ted!

  • Eric Selje

    I do not want your book. Please do not select me for your free book. It is the worst indexing book on SQL Server 2012 out there. Oh please oh please oh please don’t pick me. PS Happy Birthday. PPS It’s also my anniversary and your book would make a great gift.

  • Nate Hughes

    A chance at a free book on indexing? Yes please.

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