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Last Weeks Top 10 “Reading” Links #3


Throughout the week, I like to tweet links to the things that I’ve been reading.  Since they all come out through out the day, I figured that I’d share a list of those that were most popular last week.

Last week’s top 10 “Reading” Links

  1. Adam Machanic : Thinking Big (Adventure) [21 clicks]
  2. Conor vs. Join Algorithms – Conor vs. SQL [20 clicks]
  3. Conor vs. Optional Parameters – Conor vs. SQL [10 clicks]
  4. Once More With Feeling: Stop Using Active/Passive and Active/Active | SQLHA [9 clicks]
  5. Most common latch classes and what they mean [9 clicks]
  6. Kevin Kline : Understanding SQLIOSIM Output [9 clicks]
  7. Interviewing a DBA [9 clicks]
  8. Changes to automatic update statistics in SQL Server [9 clicks]
  9. Flipping Bits: Enterprise Flash Drives: not just performance [9 clicks]
  10. Multiple log files and why they’re bad [8 clicks]