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Six Degrees of SQL Saturday Fargo

TundraDo you know anyone that lives in or around the great white north that is Fargo, North Dakota?  If so, then I’d like your help in with an introduction on LinkedIn.  Let’s see how many people in the area are 6 or less degrees from me.

Even if the person isn’t in IT or doesn’t use SQL Server – I’d like to get in contact with them.  Because they likely know someone that is in IT or may happen to use SQL Server.  Heck, you can even introduce me to a recruiter in the area (though, I might try to turn them into a sponsor) – because I am sure they know other people in the area.

Every connection that Jes Schultz Borland (Blog | @grrl_geek), Ted Krueger (Blog | @Onpnt), Sarah Strate (Blog | @DanceM0m), or myself can get in the area is another potential attendee for the SQL Saturday coming up in Fargo in April.  And frankly, we don’t know a lot of people up there.  It’s the winter… it’s cold and we don’t get out much.  Seriously… there are days that it is 6 degrees.

But really we want to flex our inner Kevin Bacon and make connections and network with people that may not know – that free SQL Server training is coming to Fargo, North Dakota.  You betcha!

  • I posted something on Facebook for my friends and family back in Winnipeg, MB. It’s only a 3 hour drive for them and they can do some shopping at the same time.

    • StrateSQL

      Awesome, thanks.

  • I wish I was in your area, so could catch up! But I live tooooo far (Australia)…

    • StrateSQL

      It be cool if you could. We really need the airlines to get those spaceships going so we can start traveling the globe in an hour or so.

  • Deb or I will be in Fargo for my Son’s hockey tourney Feb 21st to 24th. I could try stopping in at the Microsoft campus and see what they’re up to. … Plus maybe a leaflet campaign would work at the local businesses.

    • StrateSQL

      Good ideas, Bill. I’ll try to throw something together for leaflets. We’re also looking at cold calling MS partners in the area to tell them about the event.

  • I Watler

    When is this coming to
    Southern California area?