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Don’t Forget About the Second Shot

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A couple weeks back, in a post on certifications, I mentioned the Second Shot offer from Microsoft Virtual Academy.  The offer doesn’t expire until the end of May, but it’s never too early to get the exams scheduled.  In fact, since you get a free re-attempt on the exam, why wait?  Schedule the exam today […]


Have You Studied SQL Server Enough?

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SQL Server is a fairly big and complicated product.  There are quite a few areas that you can study, the database engine, Analysis Service, T-SQL development, and many others.  As you delve into each of these areas, how do you know when you’ve studied any area of SQL Server enough? You likely know what you […]

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Significant Achievements

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As a few of you know, I took the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM): SQL Server 2008 lab at this year’s PASS Summit.  Now, I’ve been working on this certification for a while.  With the knowledge exam, I failed before retaking and passing.  A couple months later, I took the lab and failed that, learning that […]

Sometimes Failure Is An Option

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Wouldn’t it be nice if failure was an option?  You could go along in life, screw it all up and then do a little shake and get a do-over.  Well, it seems when it comes to Microsoft certification exams, they are offering just that. Microsoft Learning has announced that the Second Shot exam program is […]


SQL MCM Study Group

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Over the last few days, you may have noticed that there’s been a bit of talk about a SQL Server MCM Study Group.  In fact, Robert Davis (Blog | @SQLSoldier) tweeted about it the other day when he provided some sample corrupt databases. You may be wondering, what is this study group on yammer?  Let’s […]


Get Certified with Insurance

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Have you been thinking about getting certified?  Are you close on finishing your studying but aren’t quite sure if you are ready?  If so, then check the Certification Packs.  With these you can buy one exam with a second shot option, you fail and you get to retake for free.  Or buy a few exams […]

Not. Quite. There. This Time I Failed the Lab

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Since I’ve been blogging about my progress through the SQL Server MCM certification, it makes sense to follow-up with my latest failure.  If you’re new to these posts, check out my posts on failing, retaking, and then passing the SQL Server MCM Knowledge exam. Took the Lab A couple weeks back, after some prodding from […]

MCM: To pass, or not to pass

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I’ve been counting down the days until I get the score from my second attempt at the SQL Server MCM written exam.  When I last took it, I knew there were some areas that I didn’t know the answers.  But for the vast majority of the exam I felt good.  In fact, I felt that […]