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Index Analysis Update – January 2012

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In the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten a couple reports of issues with sp_indexanalysis.  The update today fixes those issues.  It’s fun to finally be playing with these scripts again.  I’m hoping to start writing blog posts showing the scripts in action in the next couple weeks. INDEX ANALYSIS UPDATES The main updates to the […]


Decoding first, root, and FirstIAM in Sysindexes

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Have you ever looked at the first, root, and FirstIAM columns in sysindexes and wondered… “What do these values mean?” Recently, I took the time to dig into these values to figure out what they meant.  And then, how to take the information that they contain and turn it into something useful. By the Book […]


What Happened to rowmodctr from Sysindexes?

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In my blog series Lost in Translation – Deprecated System Tables, I’ve been going through the compatibility views in SQL Server and translating and mapping them over to catalog views and dynamic management objects.  One of the ones that I was working on recently was mapping sysindexes to sys.indexes.  While working on that post, there […]

Get a Free SQL Server Indexing Book

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What would you say if I offered you the best indexing book on the market for SQL Server 2012? Wow, right?  The “best” indexing book!  Unfortunately, this is also the “worst” indexing book.  Coincidentally, it is also the “only” indexing book for SQL Server 2012.  And even though the book was written with SQL Server […]


Can You Dig It? – Determining Index Plan Usage

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A while back I was asked, if you can use the plan cache to determine which plans are using specific indexes.  The answer is, of course, yes, you can.  And it’s important that people, especially DBAs, understand how to do this.  Usually during index analysis, we concern ourselves with whether an index is being used. […]