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SSWUG SSIS Expo Event This Friday

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If you are looking for a little training on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) without having to leave the comforts of your cubicle – this is your week.  This Friday (11/19/2011), SSWUG will be hosting an expo titled “Building and Developing with SQL Server Integration Services”. The event will consist of four sessions that will […]

SSWUG Free SSIS Expo – Today!

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SSWUG Free Expo Event: Basic and Complex SSIS Features virtual conference is today!  There’s a chance that you can probably still get registered and I’d recommend doing so. There will be four SSIS sessions that will cover a variety of topics, but you’ll get some of the following through the content: SSIS Sorting and Package […]

31 Days of SSIS – Importing Execution Plans (30/31)

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Almost time to wrap up the 31 Days of SSIS.  We are down to just two more posts with today’s post being number thirty.  If you’re behind on this series, check out the introductory post. This morning’s one day late twenty-ninth post went over the use of the Export Column transformation.  Since we discussed that […]