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Sometimes Failure Is An Option

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Wouldn’t it be nice if failure was an option?  You could go along in life, screw it all up and then do a little shake and get a do-over.  Well, it seems when it comes to Microsoft certification exams, they are offering just that. Microsoft Learning has announced that the Second Shot exam program is […]


Get Certified with Insurance

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Have you been thinking about getting certified?  Are you close on finishing your studying but aren’t quite sure if you are ready?  If so, then check the Certification Packs.  With these you can buy one exam with a second shot option, you fail and you get to retake for free.  Or buy a few exams […]

Watching videos?! Su-ure!

MCM Live Blog – Week December 13

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If you’re reading this, it must be Monday morning.  Oh dear, that means I am officially starting my public studying for the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) exam.  I’ve already failed this exam once and am not really up for failing again. To help prevent this, I figured studying through my blog and noting the things […]