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Unicorn Create Index

Index Analysis March Update

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In yesterdays duplicate index blog post, I mentioned that there would be an update to the index analysis stored procedure today.  Without further ado, you can jump to the bottom and download it.  There are a few things I’ve fixed from comments from people using the script and then major change is the addition of […]

Lego Computer

Index Analysis Update – January 2012

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In the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten a couple reports of issues with sp_indexanalysis.  The update today fixes those issues.  It’s fun to finally be playing with these scripts again.  I’m hoping to start writing blog posts showing the scripts in action in the next couple weeks. INDEX ANALYSIS UPDATES The main updates to the […]

Lego Analyze

Return of Index Analysis Part 4

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We’ve got through the first three parts of this continued series on the Index Analysis query last week.  The previous posts in this complete series are: Analyze Your Indexes Part 1 – Combine existing index statistics and missing indexes into a single output Analyze Your Indexes Part 2 – Find existing duplicate and overlapping indexes […]