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August #Meme15 Round-Up

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The August round of #meme15 finished up last week with a good number of people participating.  The aim of the posts this month was to give people an opportunity to think about their job and consider what it is that they like about it.  It’s easy at times to complain about the things that go […]

Why I Like My Job – #Meme15

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A while back, Kevin Conan (Blog | @ConanTheCDN) emailed me about this months #meme15 topic.  He thought it would be good to have people think about their jobs a little and consider that the grass may be greener on this side of the fence.  Which leads to this month’s question: What are 5 reasons why […]

August #Meme15 Assignment

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I haven’t done a #meme15 blog assignment in a while and figured I would pop one off as the weekend starts.  This month’s topic comes to me from Kevin  Conan (Blog | @ConanTheCDN).  The idea of these posts is to give bloggers something in common to write about that relates to their career, and likely […]

April #Meme15 Assignment

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Before the advent of the modern “Social Network”, many of us were already connected through tools that had much less immediate gratification.  We used websites, e-mails, forums, and blogs.  As social networks have grown, these older tools have only become more important, versus less important.  Many social networks get us to information that we need; […]

March #Meme15 Round-up – Facebook

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Are you ready for the round-up of last week’s #meme15 Facebook question? In total, there were eight participants in this month’s question.  If I’ve missed anyone, just leave a comment here and I’ll update this post. As a reminder, the #meme15 is dedicated to discussing and sharing tips and tricks for blogging and using social […]

March #Meme15 Assignment

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This month, the #meme15 post will fall on March 15th, often referred to as the Ides of March.  This date was made most famous by the death Julius Ceasar – or rather is his murder at the hands of his friend Brutus and many others.  In consideration of this theme, let’s look at Facebook.  One […]

February #Meme15 – LinkedIn

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It’s the afternoon of the 16th, and time to write my #meme15 post.  Remember, these are due on or around the 15th.  I’m exercising my right to write late.  The question for this month is: Why and how do you use LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a fairly widely known professional networking platform, but have you ever […]

February #Meme15 Assignment

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It’s been a couple months now since a number of us got together to share how we use social networks to enhance our careers and professional development.  These blog posts will be called #meme15.  For more on what people talked about talked about in December and January round-up posts. Before we get to the assignment […]