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April #Meme15 Assignment

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Before the advent of the modern “Social Network”, many of us were already connected through tools that had much less immediate gratification.  We used websites, e-mails, forums, and blogs.  As social networks have grown, these older tools have only become more important, versus less important.  Many social networks get us to information that we need; […]

March #Meme15 Round-up – Facebook

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Are you ready for the round-up of last week’s #meme15 Facebook question? In total, there were eight participants in this month’s question.  If I’ve missed anyone, just leave a comment here and I’ll update this post. As a reminder, the #meme15 is dedicated to discussing and sharing tips and tricks for blogging and using social […]

March #Meme15 – Facebook

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It’s the early morning of the 16th, and time to write my #meme15 post.  Remember, these are due on or around the 15th.  I’m again exercising my right to write late and if you haven’t joined in, now’s a good time to to it as well.  The question for this month is: How do you […]


Frozen for the Special Olympics

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Last weekend, I braved to last hurrah of our Minnesota winter, and jumped into Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  It was the Polar Plunge. They cut holes in the ice so that we could do something that probably was a bit more crazy than it sounds like. I’ve wanted to do the polar plunge for a […]


Will You Sponsor the #SQLPlunge?

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At the beginning of next month, a few hearty souls have decided that they’d like to do a little to help the Special Olympics.  The Special Olympics, if you aren’t aware, is a sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  The organization serves communities all over the world and has more than 50,000 […]

Cracked Up

Blog Under Some Repairs

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If you’ve been trying to come to the blog lately, you may have noticed a few errors connecting.  Resources not available issues or content just not showing up. It appears that running a WordPress blog on a GoDaddy Windows server has some issues.  It works for a while and then it just doesn’t.  And the whole […]

Blog Round-up – What Are You Thankful For?

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Last week I suggested to others that we institute a little idea theft and put together a few blog posts sharing the things in life we are thankful for.  As the holiday season is upon us and that whole Thanksgiving thing happened in the United States this seemed like a good time for doing this. […]

What Am I Thankful For

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Earlier this week, I suggested that we share a message of thanks on our blogs.  Since I suggested we put these posts together, I should throw my post in the ring.  Especially since today is Thanksgiving and my food coma is starting to dissipate.  It only took the second leftover plate to reach the current […]

What are you thankful for?

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About this time last year, Digineer had an internal event where we could share  messages of thanks.  These messages were all gathered up and shared between all of us in our weekly newsletter.  I plan to participate again this year but was going to put it out as a blog post.  Since I am going […]