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Index Analysis May Update

Seems I managed to make it through all of April without an update to the index analysis stored procedure.  It wasn’t for lack of using it with clients, but a lack of time to get the changes out the door. A few months back, I added the option to look at just duplicate index or…

Index Analysis March Update

In yesterdays duplicate index blog post, I mentioned that there would be an update to the index analysis stored procedure today.  Without further ado, you can jump to the bottom and download it.  There are a few things I’ve fixed from comments from people using the script and then major change is the addition of…

Can You Dig It? – Determining Index Plan Usage

A while back I was asked, if you can use the plan cache to determine which plans are using specific indexes.  The answer is, of course, yes, you can.  And it’s important that people, especially DBAs, understand how to do this.  Usually during index analysis, we concern ourselves with whether an index is being used….