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Get Just The Tools: SSMS Download

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Ever jump on a machine to connect to a SQL Server and find out… whoops! No tools.  For some reason, the client machine doesn’t have SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) installed.  Now I’m not talking about not having the SSMS installed on the server, but on the local workstation that you need to connect to […]

Don’t miss out! Oct 21 – IT Care – Painting by Numbers, Update Your SQL Skills with New Paintbrushes

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Coming up this month is a free event to discover more ways to write T-SQL here is an event for you.  The session will be hosted by yours truly and features T-SQL tricks and tips that I’ve picked up and want to spread the word on. Here is the registration link. And the details: Course […]

August PASSMN Meeting Tonight

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The Minnesota SQL Server user group (PASSMN) meeting is tonight at the Microsoft offices.  Come check us out to network and mingle with your peers and also for the opportunity to learn some new things. Tonight’s topics are: Syntactic Sugar Sweetens the SQL Server Pot Discover and Manage SQL Server in the Enterprise If you […]

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Gotta Stop Violating Foreign Keys

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About a year ago I was working on a project that required that data be extracted from one database and inserted into an database.  Not the most earth shattering concept.  This is done quite often and doesn’t necessarily require a discussion of foreign keys. So why talk about them… well… in this case the source […]

Volunteering and Resume Building

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I really like a great idea.  They have this way of going from a great idea to success.  When you hear a great idea it is always a good idea to share the idea – and let it spread like a virus. Today, while I was going through and reading posts from Microsoft’s SQL Server […]