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Are You Down With The BPA?

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Yesterday I talked about installing the Best Practices Analyzer 2005 (BPA) for a client that I was working with.  After some initial installation issues, I was ready to check out their SQL Server environment. While the tool was running, I started checking out the SQL Server event logs to see if there was anything interesting […]

cyber monday

BPA Installs But Doesn’t Work

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I was hoping to have a case of the Mondays the other day.  Whenever one hopes for “the Mondays”, Monday will always deliver.  I was using a new PC at a client and installing some tools for an assessment that I was working on. After some download and installing, Best Practices Analyzer 2005 was installed […]

SQL Load Generator

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This project has been on CodePlex for a while, but I thought I would give it a plug.  It’s a really good way to generate a load against a SQL Server without a lot of effort.  I’ve used it quite a number of times with presentations and use it when testing different code choices to […]

Convert Web Page to PDF

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I was looking around for a method to print a web page as a PDF and found this cool tool that does it online.  So far everything I’ve thrown at it has worked very well.

SQL Prompt 3 Discount…

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I’ve been using SQL Prompt 2 for a while now and really like having intellisense added into Management Studio.  I’ll definately be taking advantage of this offer from Red-Gate… Red Gate Software will be offering an introductory price of $99 per license on orders for SQL Prompt 3 placed on or before September 28th 2006. […]

FREE Intellisense add-in for SQL editors

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Here is their description: Red Gate Software has purchased SQL Prompt, an addictive add-in that provides Intellisense forQuery Analyzer, Visual Studio 2005, VS 2003 and Management Studio. For the summer months, while SQL Prompt undergoes further development, feature tuning and relentless testing, the tool as it is now will be made available to everyone, for […]

How to Sort SSMS Project

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Well, contrary to the title you can’t… I felt empty inside the other day and it was all because I kept adding queries to my SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) project and they weren’t sorting at all.  They just sat there in the order in which I added them to the project.  The continuing problem […]

Cropping Tool

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If you are ever looking for a quick cut-n-paste tool; check out Cropper in C#.  I’ve used it quite a bit in documentation, reporting errors, delivering snapshots of query results, and for a multitude of other uses. From the site: Cropper is a screen capture utility written in C# on the Microsoft .Net platform. It […]