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5 SQL Server White Papers Every DBA Should Read

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There are countless sources for information on SQL Server available today.  There are books, webcasts, conferences, and blogs.  With all of these sources, it is easy to forget that there are white papers available from Microsoft.  It is important that  we make an effort to read the white papers that are available. The trouble is, […]

White Paper of Supportability Roadmaps

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Last week, a new white paper was released that discusses supportability roadmaps for ISVs.  The white paper is Testing and Developing Supportability Roadmaps for Independent Software Vendor Applications.  What a mouthful… aren’t you glad you aren’t working at an ISV?  Well, even if you aren’t I’d recommend reading this white paper because it applies to […]

Querying for Parallelism

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While working on some parallelism issues today I started using the query that detects whether there are queries currently running utilizing parallelism.  It’s the same query that can be found in the white paper Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005. Which I’ve included below: SELECT r.session_id, r.request_id, MAX(ISNULL(exec_context_id, 0)) as number_of_workers, r.sql_handle, r.statement_start_offset, r.statement_end_offset, […]

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Troubleshooting Permission Issues with CREDENITIALS

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I keep hearing this story and similar variations… ”On a dark and stormy night, I developed a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package.  It worked wonderfully on my desktop development environment.  All the files were properly accessed and the data was processed in a magnificent matter.” ”But suddenly I deployed the SSIS package to production […]

Connectivity and SSIS

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There is a new white paper out regarding connectivity with SSIS to various data sources.  These include connections to SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Access, Excel, and other file-based database systems.  There is some nice information in there. The summary from the white paper: This white paper enumerates the connectivity options for databases with SQL Server […]

SQL 2005 White Paper: Online Index Operations

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How quickly a week goes by… minute by minute… get a little busy and no blogs. Well, here’s a quick link to a white paper on Online Index Operations in 2005.  A very nice 2005 Enterprise feature that allows building and maintaining of indexes without sacrificing DML concurrency.  Or in other words, how to keep […]